Have you ever wondered why some real estate agents are always a Top Producer? What are they doing so different from you? If you want to be a “Top Producing” real estate agent today, then you need to get in the game of online marketing. In order to be effective with your marketing strategy, it is essential to have an online presence. In this book, I will provide you with steps for running your first online marketing campaign on Google and Facebook. In addition, I will give you ideas for creating a content marketing plan for your real estate needs. For both new and existing realtors, this quick step online marketing guide will equip you with the knowledge to deliver the right message to your audience. This books includes information about: Google My Business, Google Adwords PPC, SEO, Social Media Selling, and Writing Techniques for realtors. To compete for “Top Producing” realtor status, then you will need to get in the game of online marketing!

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